THE ETERNALS Casting Continues Likely With Kumail Nanjiani

Let’s hope that changes from “likely” to “definitely”.

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Marvel is going full-swing with their casting of The Eternals. And they’ll need to as I doubt the average person on the street has ever heard of the group. As we saw with Guardians of the Galaxy, that’s not such a big deal if you make a good movie filled with characters people fall in love with. Hopefully that’s how things roll with this one as well.

We already learned Angelina Jolie is going to be in it, likely as Sersi. Now we hear from The Hollywood Reporter that Kumail Nanjiani will likely be in the film as well. Of course, his role is being kept secret, but let’s go ahead and assume he’ll be playing someone humorous.

Though I suppose he doesn’t have to. Many of you probably saw the first episode from Jordan Peele’s Twilight Zone, which starred Nanjiani as a very, very unfunny comedian, proving Nanjiani has the chops to be good with both great and horrific jokes. The guy can do anything!

The Eternals is expected to start shooting this year. I have to imagine they hold a very important place in whatever we’re getting with this new post-Endgame phase.