Stephen King’s Writing The LISEY’S STORY Adaptation For Bad Robot

In which Apple's streaming service scores another coup.

File this one under "It's a good time to be a Stephen King fan": according to Deadline, the man himself is writing an eight-hour adaptation of his 2006 novel, Lisey's Story, for JJ Abrams' Bad Robot productions. It will air on Apple's as-yet-unnamed streaming service at some point in the future, and it'll star the always-reliable Julianne Moore. 

For those unfamiliar with Lisey's Story, the novel tells the tale of a woman who realizes, two years after her husband's death, that her memory of her husband might not be, uh, entirely reliable. Scott Landon was a famous novelist, see, and claimed to have the power to transport himself to another reality (the unfortunately-named "Boo'ya Moon"). All of this is tied up in Lisey's memories of their marriage, a deranged fan of her husband's, and...something about the husband's brother. Honestly, it's been some years since I read this one, and the memories are pretty hazy (they also tend to get mixed up with my memories of King's Duma Key, but that's another story).

But, hey, King adapting the property himself is interesting, and Moore headlining the thing can only be good news (when's the last time you saw a Julianne Moore performance and thought, "That could've been better"? Never, that's when)! As of now, there's no word on who might direct Lisey's Story or when Apple might premiere it, but rest assured we'll be keeping you updated on that front as further information rolls in.

In the meantime: y'all like Lisey's Story? Think it'll make for a good series? Wish someone would step up to the plate and put From a Buick 8 onscreen, like I've been screaming about for the past five years or more? Sound off in the comments below, and stay tuned.