That BEETLEJUICE Sequel You Didn’t Want Probably Isn’t Happening Now

Sometimes the Movie Gods get it right.

The good folks over at USA Today have some encouraging news for us this afternoon: according to comments made by director Tim Burton and a quote the paper obtained from the people at Warner Bros., the long-gestating and highly unnecessary Beetlejuice sequel has apparently been shelved.

Asked for comment on the status of Beetlejuice 2 during a recent appearance on behalf of his live-action Dumbo remake, Burton said:

"Nothing, nothing."

Pressed as to whether or not it might happen up the road, Burton said:

"I don't know. I doubt it."

This is all very encouraging, but it wasn't quite enough for the folks at USA Today, who went the extra mile by contacting Warner Bros. and asking them point-blank if Beetlejuice 2, once feared to be a tropical adventure called Beetlejuice Goes Hawaiian (full body shivers), might still be in development. This was their response:

"The project isn’t in active development."

So, there you have it: for the time being, we can drop the threat level on Beetlejuice 2 (or whatever it might have been called) down to "Light Yellow": it could still happen one day, but based on the testimony of all the involved parties, it sounds like the project is no longer on WB's to-do list. Please celebrate or mourn this news in the comments section below, depending on how you feel about it.