LEGENDS OF TOMORROW 4.10 Review “The Getaway”

I think he might be a crook?

This post contains spoilers for Legends of Tomorrow.
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All politicians lie, but what happens when they can’t? This week’s Legends of Tomorrow includes a bugged Richard Nixon, a lying father arc that we’ve seen a million times before (but with enough of a twist to make it good!), and the return of one Nora Darhk. It also makes us 2/2 on death episodes in the back half of season four. Never say this crazy ass show doesn’t have any stakes.

Dads are hard, man. Poor Nate was finally getting in a good place with Hank, but the realization that he’s experimenting on the magical creatures killed that progress pretty quickly. Though less than ideal, not all is what it seems with one Hank Heywood. And thank god, because who wants to watch the “son who just wants his father’s approval finds out that he’s trash right after he’s earned it” arc ever again?

In additional to his past indiscretions, Zari discovers that dear old dad is embezzling funds from the Bureau to experiment on the magical creatures and Meta Humans. Adding that with his partnership with Neron makes for some pretty conflicting emotions over one Hank Heywood, but a heart to heart with his son helps him see the light. Not only does he let the captured Legends go, Hank also tells Neron to go to Hell.

Important note for anyone that may find this useful in their day to day: probably don’t tell insanely powerful demons to go to Hell. I don’t want to tell you how to live your life, but just know that you might not be living it after you throw strategy out the window and tell the big bad that you don’t want to play anymore. In the end, Hank did the right thing, and he paid the ultimate price. Something tells me that this death won't quite stick, bit RIP all the same, good sir.

“The Getaway” brings Zari on fulltime at the Time Bureau, which hopefully means we’ll get more hijinks between her and Nate, rather than less of both of them. Gary’s joined their little band of misfits too, but the Ava situation remains a complicated one. Ava’s still got a long way before she gives Nora a run for her money on the complicated characters front though. Nora’s time in each episode always seems too brief, but she got more than she bargained for this week. After sensing Neron’s presence, Nora rushes to the scene with good intentions. Unfortunately, no one cares about your intentions when you broke out of your cell and are found standing over a dead Director’s body. Run, Nora. Run.

Most of the laughs sit with Mick and Ray’s RV adventure and Ray and Sara’s Home Alone situation with Charlie, but there’s something to be said for one of the most dishonest Presidents in American history not being able to tell a lie. Adding in possession by an Egyptian god is just icing on the cake. Also? Dick jokes. All the dick jokes.

“The Getaway” is yet another solid addition to what’s been an incredible season four. Hopefully pushing Legends into an earlier time slot will help bring more viewers. In the meantime, we’ll all just have to keep screaming our praises from the rooftops until someone listens! Next week it’s all about Nonsense and Insensibility, which should basically be the sub-header for this perfectly ridiculous show. You know what to do if you had thoughts on this week’s episode!