MONSTERS INC. Disney+ Series Will Sound Just Like MONSTERS INC.

This Disney+ thing is going to be nuts.

Back in MY day, if you made a cheap television series based on an animated movie, you damn well better recast the entire thing with people who sounded vaguely like the voices you know. That way, there was no confusion about quality levels between feature films and whatever thrift store garbage they shoveled into your TV at home. And we liked it that way!

Now things are changing, alas. Television (or things that are sort of like television) is a big business and no longer has the stink of second class entertainment all over it. What have we lost? Only historians will be able to tell the whole story.

This is all a preamble about Monsters at Work, an upcoming Disney+ show that takes place after the events of Monsters Inc. and waaaay after the events of Monsters University. The big thing about Monsters at Work is both Billy Crystal and John Goodman are coming back for it. John Ratzenberger, Bob Peterson and Jennifer Tilly as well. So it’s basically going to be a third Monsters Inc. But you don't have to leave your bathroom.

The show is actually about a newbie (voice by Ben Feldman, that guy from Superstore) who is learning the ropes as a funny monster, which is an interesting new wrinkle. Mike and Sully are just side characters. They’ll be joined by other Monsters newcomers Kelly Marie Tran, Aisha Tyler and Henry Winkler.

I like to pretend that I won’t get Disney+ basically the moment it comes out, but that’s not fucking true. I may even get it twice just to make sure I don’t make anyone at Disney mad. Will I watch this Monster show? Probably not. But probably.