New Photos Prove Work Has Officially Begun On COMING TO AMERICA 2

This really seems to be happening. Will wonders never cease.

Stand by for an important update from Oscar-winning costume designer Ruth E. Carter's Instagram account...

Yes, that's right: pre-production work on Coming to America 2 is officially underway (click through the above to see Arsenio Hall paying his respects to Carter's recent Oscar win). The highly-anticipated and long-gestating sequel is finally headed our way via Paramount and director Craig Brewer, with a release date in August of next year. What you're seeing above are a couple of the film's earliest pre-production moments.

When I was at CinemaCon last week, Paramount's big presentation ended with a rapid-fire sizzle reel showing off some of the studio's 2020 projects, and towards the very end we were shown a quick glimpse of Eddie Murphy and Arsenio Hall in-character as Prince Akeem and Semmi. Murphy addressed the camera, saying something along the lines of "We're going back to America!", and then the shot widened, revealing Hall standing next to him. If memory serves, Hall's Semmi was surprised to hear the pair were about to make a return trip to the States. This footage - mere seconds in length, and sprung on an audience that hadn't been expecting it - received a strong response from the crowd. Folks love these characters!

Will Coming to America 2 (or Coming Back to America, as I've heard it referred to elsewhere) be a sequel worthy of its predecessor? It's an incredibly tall order - the John Landis original is straight-up one of the funniest movies ever made - but we're rooting for this one to be great, and can't wait to learn more. Stay tuned for further Coming to America 2 updates as they roll in.