ONE CUT OF THE DEAD Heads To Shudder

The saga concludes (hopefully)!

You probably already know that we are big One Cut of the Dead fans here at BMD. Which is why it’s been so frustrating to watch the film almost but then not get released in North America where we can cuddle up with our friends and loved ones and enjoy its hilarious majesty. Yes, there is maybe going to eventually be a remake, but we want the real deal, gang.

Enter Shudder. The horror (but not all horror) streaming platform continues to kill it when it comes to cool acquired content. Now that content will include One Cut of the Dead. According to Variety, the deal is done. We don’t know when it’s hitting the platform, but you best be ready!

As for the film itself, it is super duper great, but you’re probably tired of hearing that from us by now. Just know that when you do finally watch it, the more pals you’re surrounded by the better. And also the less you know going in will also help heighten the enjoyment of this film. Until then, Pom! This new development is definitely something worth celebrating.