WHAT WE LEFT BEHIND, The STAR TREK: DS9 Doc, Gets A Long-Awaited Trailer

And, uh, a Fathom Events release date.

I have been wanting to see this for so long. I don’t just love Star Trek. I especially love DS9. In fact, I just finished rewatching it last week, and I'm ready to jump in and do it all over again! Yeah, the main crew is cool, but I’m also super in it for Garak and Martok and Dumar and Weyoun and all those amazing middle characters who aren’t Vic Fontaine.

So obviously, a documentary looking back at the amazing show (which played a strong role in pushing forward the serialized television storytelling we all love so much now) is going to be a big deal. The fact that everyone appears to be so candid in it also helps a lot, as does an animated-ish new-ish episode-ish thing (okay, that last one not as much).

Check out the trailer for What We Left Behind below:

For real. I am dying to see that. And I can. Briefly. The film will be playing as a Fathom Event on May 13. After that, who knows.