Luc Besson’s ANNA Trailer Is Here

No, she’s not LUCY’s sister.

The thing I enjoy most about Luc Besson is he really doesn’t need Americans to like his movies. Valerian didn’t do well over here, but the rest of the world didn’t care all that much and went to see it anyway. His return to movies about ladies who kill the shit out of everyone isn’t some kind of “tail between his legs” thing. He’s just following his heart.

As such, here is the first trailer for Anna. It features a lady who kills the shit out of everything:

So basically Anna is an assassin. But not a regular assassin. Her method is not so much to take out a target but to take out a target and every other person in the room. You may ask how she avoids getting caught, but clearly she DOES get caught because most of the dialog here is between her and Cillian Murphy in an interrogation room. Other non-Anna humans include Luke Evans and Luke Evans and Helen Mirren as Edna Mode.

Does this movie look special? No, not really. Will I see it first chance I get? That must be a trick question. There is no way I’m missing this. We’ll all get our chance June 21.