Ugh, THE PROFESSOR Trailer: Johnny Depp Gets His AMERICAN BEAUTY

Yeah, people will be lining up to see this one.

I suppose there are probably still Johnny Depp fans out there, folks that either don’t know or don’t care about all the stuff going on with him the last couple years. This trailer for The Professor goes out to them:

Yes, The Professor. A film where Johnny Depp is a rich dude who finds out he is going to die and decides to get weird with it à la my main man Frank Reynolds. Or Kevin Spacey in American Beauty if you want to put this in its proper place. I guess neither of those characters were facing terminal illness, but we’re dealing with basically the same thing. Depp smokes, drinks and fucks his way through his last months while also doing and saying all the things he wishes he’d said back when he had unlimited time on this planet.

If only I could understand what he’s saying, see through the dark cinematography or figure out what’s going on in that bit where five seconds appears to simply be missing from the trailer (they may update it later but for now this trailer is a bit messed up). There is a higher than normal amount of nope at play here, and it’s really something.

For those who remain undeterred, The Professor comes out May 17.