If You Watch TITANS, You’re Getting A Very Handsome New Bruce Wayne

Time for those GAME OF THRONES actors to start getting new gigs.

It can be hard to keep all these DC Comic shows straight in my head, especially since they now have their own streaming channel. But as far as my limited memory serves, Titans is the “fuck Batman” show, right? So I’m okay mostly ignoring it at this point?

In any case, when Robin said “Fuck Batman” we couldn’t really react because we didn’t know who would be playing the Batman he wanted to fuck. Now this national crisis has ended. This particular Batman will by played by Iain Glen, also known as Game of Thrones’ Jorah Mormont.

To be clear, Glen is probably not playing Batman so much as Bruce Wayne. As you can likely surmise yourself, Glen - while not ancient or anything - seems perhaps a bit too old to play the Caped Crusader. This casting indicates a grizzled, retired crimefighter. Oh wait, I’m getting word that Batman has already been on the show? Never mind.

But hey! Bruce Wayne has not been on the show yet, it would seem. Now he’s going to be. And they got an actor of great dignity to play him. Let’s just stick with that.