Michelle Yeoh Joins The AVATAR Family

And that’s pretty much all we know.

Things continue to actually happen in the world of James Cameron’s six or seven Avatar sequels. Probably the biggest news so far is the idea that Vin Diesel himself may have joined the saga. But they’re not done casting this thing yet.

Today brings us news that amazing superstar Michelle Yeoh will join the franchise. We don’t know how many movies she’ll appear in or whether or not she gets to be a cat, but we can tell you she will be playing a scientist and her name will be Dr. Karina Mogue. So put that in your pipe.

And hey, don’t forget Sam Worthington will still be in these things. We’re all just sort of sitting here like this isn’t going to be a huge deal with the first film drops December 18, 2020. It’ll be like, first there’s a poster and people won’t react much. Then the trailer will hit and people will get moderately excited, but not too crazy. And then the movie will come out and suddenly everyone on the planet gets a fever to see Avatar 2 multiple times. I don’t know how James Cameron does it. But somehow he does it.