Here’s What Chucky Will Look Like In The New CHILD’S PLAY

Someone got a makeover.

This morning, the official Twitter account of the Child's Play remake revealed a brand-new image of Chucky, the rambunctious little doll with a taste for murder and mayhem. We all know what classic Chucky looks like, and what he went on to look like in later installments of the Child's Play franchise, but what about the 2019 iteration? 

Well, he looks like this.

Ah, yes - hiding in the shadows. A classic Chucky move. Let's brighten that image up a bit to see if we can't get a better look at him. 

Computer: enhance.

I mean, on the one hand, this version of Chucky does what it needs to do: it's a pint-sized doll in a pair of overalls, holding a knife and looking like the midway point between "threatening" and "huggable". On the other hand, there's a distinct "Dreamworks Animation" look to Chucky's face that's not entirely awesome, and (as is always the case whenever a classic design gets a remake overhaul), that's gonna take some getting used to. 

But, hey, according to the Child's Play Twitter account, we'll be getting a new trailer later in the week. Maybe this one'll include some footage of Chucky in action, and we'll have a better idea what this bad boy's gonna look like in context. Maybe that'll go a way towards accepting the new design. Maybe we remember, better than anyone, having a nice, long laugh at those unfortunate first photos of Pennywise from Andy Muschietti's It, and have learned not to be so hasty when it comes to pre-judging redesigns based on a single photo. Or maybe not, and y'all would like to tee off on Chucky's new look in the comments below. Entirely up to you.

New Child's Play trailer arrives Thursday. The movie itself hits theaters on June 21st. Stay tuned.