LEGENDS OF TOMORROW 4.11 Review “Séance And Sensibility”

More shows with men saying “I love you” platonically, 2019!

This post contains spoilers for Legends of Tomorrow.
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It’s impossible for a show that features Sara Lance to not be sex-positive as hell. With that said, “Séance and Sensibility” is here to put previous seasons of Legends of Tomorrow to shame. Everybody’s banging this week, whether it be in their dreams or during innocent sleepovers meant to hide a not-girlfriend who’s fleeing from being wrongfully accused of your best friend’s murder. Because it’s Legends, it does all of this while being an alarmingly touching episode.

Though Mona’s still dealing with her werewolf situation, she’s still ready to get out in the field. Especially when getting out in the field means getting to meet her very favorite author, Jane Austen. Now, I might wax poetic about hope and the importance of superheroes to you nerds every week, but I’m about as cynical as they come when romantic love comes into play. Because of that, Jane Austen has never been for me (despite the appropriate levels of respect for her work). That sparked worry that this episode would miss the mark for me, but that worry was relatively unfounded. While Charlie, Zari, Mona and Sara all try to help Jane get her groove back while dealing with a man masquerading as the Hindu god of love, Nate, Constantine, and Mick have to deal with some daddy issues. Specifically, Nate’s. 

The unexpected loss of his father combined with the news that Hank was helping torture magical creatures left Nate a little worse for wear. He leans on all of his friends for support in turn, getting some inexplicably solid advice from Mick, two darling bro moments with Ray, and an almost-kiss with Zari that helps spark the lustier side of the episode.

Eventually, Hank’s motives become clear. The reveal that he was doing it all to try and create a theme park of magical creatures to help bring the world together was surprisingly heartfelt, right down to the terrible infomercial Nate discovers of his dad trying to sell the park. Though even his end result would have undoubtedly resulted in cruelty to the creatures, Nate sums up his father’s mission pretty perfectly. At the end of the day he was just as wacky and well intentioned as any Legend.

“Séance and Sensibility” took time to show off girl gangs supporting each other getting laid, while still acknowledging that sometimes enough is enough. Knowing that Zari and Nate have a thing for each other, Sara encourages her friend to go get some elsewhere and see if she still has feelings for the other legend. On the flip side, Mona can’t shut up about love, even after Jane Austen herself tells her that her fluff is nonsense.

In the end, no one’s necessarily wrong. Mona and Zari are both assholes, though. Zari mocks Mona for falling in love after a week, while Mona can’t comprehend why Zari won’t just open herself up. Both women’s experiences are different, and both have some unhealthy tendencies on opposite sides of the spectrum, but both are right (to an extent) to take their respective approaches. Their fight ends in Mona wolfing out and going to scream at Jane Austen until she decides to write again, and Jane giving Mona some very important advice about love.

An emotionally compromised Zari decides to overcompensate by releasing the god and snorting some love dust. Spark a very pretty Bollywood number that ultimately lacked the energy it should have had, but was still fun to listen to. All the women come together before the song’s close to stop Zari from making a terrible mistake, and to drive home the sex positive girl power of the episode one last time before we close out with Constantine’s realization that Neron is possessing the corpse of the love of his life. That very complicated sentence does a pretty solid job of illustrating just how balls to the wall insane this show is at all times.

Things get even more complicated next week when Ava goes missing. Sara will have to pull her out of her very own purgatory before Neron can mess anything else up, and we’ll have to see just what will become of Nora now that they all know she didn’t kill Hank as they’d previously believed.

You know what to do if you had thoughts on this week’s episode in the meantime!