In What’s Surely A Total Coincidence, WB Just Released The First SWAMP THING Teaser

Star Derek Mears certainly looks like Swamp Thing!

Lots and lots of Swamp Thing talk today.

First we heard the show had suddenly stopped production in North Carolina. Then Virginia Madsen, one of Swamp Thing's cast members, took to Instagram to call the shutdown "terrible". Then we heard that the entire DC Universe streaming platform might be in jeopardy. Then Slashfilm was able to confiirm, via sources associated with the production, that this was not the case. Ultimately we just owned up to the fact that we're not really sure what the hell's going on over there, which is where we figured this particular plotline would end for the day.

Not so. In a move that's surely meant to counteract the negative publicity that's been swirling around the series, Warner Bros. just released the very first Swamp Thing teaser. It features our first good look at star Derek Mears in the titular role, covered in algae and rising out from what looks...well, less like a swamp and more like a pond, but let's not be pedantic.

Here it is.

Still no word on what "creative differences" brought Swamp Thing's production to a halt. Still no official word on what this means for the episodes which were already shot. Still no word on what this means for the show's future, in a general sense. But hey, at least we know what Swamp Thing's gonna look like now! 

For those just joining the conversation, Swamp Thing will debut next month on WB's streaming service, DC Universe, and - in addition to Madsen and Mears - also stars such familiar faces as Jennifer Beals, Ian Ziering (!!!), Will Patton, Andy Bean and Kevin Durand. Episodes have been helmed by directors like E.L. Katz and Len Wiseman, while Aquaman's James Wan is producing the series. It is, by all accounts, intended to be a dark, violent and R-rated affair. Behind-the-scenes drama or not, we're very curious to see it in action.

First episode hits DC Universe on May 31st. Assuming you've got a DC Universe subscription: think you'll tune in? Sound off in the comments below, and stay tuned for Swamp Thing updates as further information becomes available.