Mike Myers Just Got His Very Own Netflix Series

There will be Characters.

Comedian Mike Myers has been largely dormant for the past decade or so, popping up in bit roles in stuff like Quentin Tarantino's Inglourious Basterds and the directorless Bohemian Rhapsody rather than headlining the big-budget comedies we all flocked to in the late '90s/early 2000's. The past few years have brought rumblings about Myers' imminent return to that arena (even as we speak, Austin Powers 4 is listed as "announced" on the notoriously reliable IMDb), but none of it amounted to much. 

Until today! According to Variety, Myers has just signed a deal to star in a six-episode comedy series for Netflix. There's no title yet, nor is there word on who'll be writing or co-starring in the series with Myers, but we do know the series will find the comedian playing multiple characters. We're imagining something a little like Sacha Baron Cohen's This Is America, perhaps without the reality element.

This is an interesting thing to consider. There was a time where it felt as though Myers had drifted into the realm of overexposure, overstaying his welcome and returning to a similar well a few too many times (see also: The Love Guru), but that was a decade ago. Myers has, presumably, had plenty of time to craft new characters and fresh material, and perhaps his absence has softened us up for a return. Maybe a new Mike Myers comedy series, featuring a fun new array of characters, is just what we need right now. Maybe he'll knock this thing out of the park, and then they'll actually make Austin Powers 4 and we'll end up right back where we started. 

In any event, I will never be able to completely disregard the man who wrote the legendarily funny (and tragically unproduced) Sprockets screenplay, so I'm ready to give Myers another go. Here's hoping his Netflix series is a return to form. Stay tuned for further updates on this one as they roll in, and please sound off in the comments below if you've got anything to add here.