The Final DARK PHOENIX Trailer Has Arrived

Place your bets.

If it feels like we've been covering Simon Kinberg's Dark Phoenix for literal years, it's because we have: according to the Birth.Movies.Death. database, it's been two years since we began talking about this one. That's two years' worth of casting announcements. Two years' worth of release date switcheroos. Two years' worth of promo photos, questionable posters, and even more questionable trailers. We are, quite frankly, running out of things to say about this movie. 

But not today! Today the words come easy, because we have officially entered the home stretch. 

This is the final trailer for Simon Kinberg's Dark Phoenix. It's better than the initial trailer, similar to the international trailer, and - to this writer's eyes - probably the best of the bunch. Will this Dark Phoenix soar were previous Dark Phoenix adaptations have stalled out? Will it bring 20th Century Fox's long-running franchise to an explosive end, or will it all end in a whimper? 

We'll know once we see the film on June 6th. Stay tuned.