TRAIN TO BUSAN’s Ma Dong-seok Joins Marvel’s THE ETERNALS

What? You thought there were only Americans in cosmic Marvel?

Ma Dong-seok has joined Chloe Zhao’s The Eternals, a movie we still don’t know too much about. Angelina Jolie and Kumail Nanjiani will also be starring the movie, in currently unknown roles. Ma’s role is likewise shrouded in mystery.

Western audiences will most likely know Ma as the boisterous, zombie-bruising new father from Train to Busan. Even though I’m a lifelong Marvel comics reader, I wouldn’t be able to identify an Eternals character in a line-up, so I am not the person who can guess who Ma will be playing. I’m fairly certain he won’t be playing Sersi, the film’s central character (according to most reports).

The Eternals are one of Jack Kirby’s many cosmic creations, and by my understanding, they can be summed up as Marvel’s answer to DC’s New Gods. Director Chloe Zhao has a very unique authorial voice, as anyone who’s seen The Rider can tell you. That, combined with these interesting casting choices and The Eternal’s relative obscurity, makes me think Marvel is hoping to pull another Guardians of the Galaxy, where a distinct creative vision will be what drives the film’s success. Marvel Studios is probably giving Zhao a lot of leeway when it comes to character interpretations and plot points, which might be part of the reason why none of these casting announcements have names attached.

Stay tuned for further updates on The Eternals as the pre-production process rolls on.