And Now Stephen King’s REST STOP Will Become A Movie

From Alex Ross Perry, no less.

As we've said a million times over, we are currently living through a new age of Stephen King adaptations. So far that age appears to be a mostly golden one, with Andy Muschietti's It: Chapter One, Mike Flanagan's Gerald's Game, Zak Hilditch's 1922 leading the pack, but we're about to enter a period where a number of lesser-known King properties make their way to the big screen. In the grand tradition of Stephen King adaptations, we assume that a few of these will be great, most will be middling, and a decent number will be flat-out bad. This is just how the Stephen King adaptation game works, and we've had plenty of time to get used to it. We have, after all, live through more than one Age of King Adaptations.

But even knowing all that, today's news is a real curveball - according to Variety, Alex Ross Perry (director of the critically-acclaimed Her Smell) will next adapt and direct Stephen King's short story "Rest Stop" for the big screen. That story, which originally appeared in Esquire before finding its way into one of King's Just After Sunset, was not a typical King tale: it's basically about a guy working up the nerve to stop a domestic violence situation in a highway rest stop.

According to Variety's report, the Alex Ross Perry version of this story will be...different:

"The movie is described as a propulsive cat-and-mouse thriller that follows the twisted journey of two women after a fateful encounter at a highway rest stop."

That sounds so unlike the original story, I can't help but be intrigued. What's Perry up to here?

There's nothing further to report on Rest Stop at this time, but Legendary's backing the film and we expect to hear more in the months ahead. Stay tuned for that - along with further updates on every other King adaptation currently in the works - as said updates roll in. In the meantime, feel free to wail and gnash your teeth along with me in the comments below because Vincenzo Natali's In The Tall Grass still doesn't have a release date.

(Note: Header photo by Lucy Orloski, used with permission via Flickr)