New TOY STORY 4 TV Spot Manages To Sidestep Crippling Existential Dread

What if this movie is fun when not cracking your heart open like a pistachio?

We’re getting to the point with Toy Story movies now where they feel like episodes rather than feature films. Maybe a side benefit of releasing one per generation is new kids don’t really care how many times we’ve already seen Buzz get rescued or lost or whatever. You’re never too young to have a seemingly whimsical premise suddenly get super fucking dark and screw you up for life.

Luckily, this TV spot saves all that. No plot, no wishes for death from Forky, this one is all cute toy shenanigans. Check it out:

In addition to that, we also have a new poster for the film:

Word on Toy Story 4 is pretty high so far, with most discussion centered around how much the film is expected to make you cry. So get the kids ready for its June 21 release date.