A Digitally De-Aged Will Smith Fights Himself In The First GEMINI MAN Trailer

He also ghost rides a motorcycle into a guy.

Here's the deal with Gemini Man: Hollywood's been trying to get this movie made for years, only to have one iteration after another implode before shooting can begin. It's one of those projects which has long seemed destined to never leave development hell (see also: that Twins sequel, Triplets), not quite a cursed property but one we all kinda figured would never actually happen...and then along came Ang Lee and Will Smith, both of whom were eager to get this fucker made, if only so we could all stop talking about it. 

And unlike an untold number of other director/star pairings, Lee and Smith actually got it made:

As you can see, Gemini Man is a sci-fi/action thing wherein Will Smith fights a digitally de-aged version of himself. That's this movie's big hook. It's likely that, when the film was originally concieved, this was a far more novel idea than it is now, in 2019, where digital de-aging effects are common enough that we barely lift an eyebrow when they pop up in the latest Marvel movie. Add to that the fact that Smith at 50+ years old doesn't look that markedly different from Smith at 25+ years old (what can I say? The man ages beautifully), and it's hard not to feel like Gemini Man may be arriving a bit too late for its own good.

All of that said: it's Ang Lee and it's Will Smith driving motorcycles into people. Of course we're gonna see it. 

Let us know what you think of the trailer in the comments below, and stay tuned for more on Gemini Man as we close in on the film's October 11th release date.