James Wan’s Working On A New Adaptation Of SALEM’S LOT

James Wan and Stephen King, together at last.

Hot on the heels of the news that Alex Ross Perry will write and direct an adaptation of Stephen King's short story, "Rest Stop", comes news of yet another King adaptation...and this one's a biggie.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, James Wan (the mastermind behind WB's The Conjuring franchise, most recently the director of Aquaman) and Gary Dauberman (screenwriter of Andy Muschietti's Its, Chapters One and Two) are teaming up for a new adaptation of King's iconic 1975 novel, 'Salem's Lot (yes, the one with the vampires). Dauberman will pen the script, while Wan will produce alongside Roy Lee and Marc Wolper. As of this writing, no one is signed to direct the film, but we've been hearing rumors about a Wan-directed 'Salem's Lot adaptation for some time now. If that's how this thing shakes out, don't be surprised.

It should go without saying, but King properties are as hot as they've ever been right now in Hollywood. A new 'Salem's Lot was all but guaranteed, and a 'Salem's Lot from this particular creative team stands to be something very special, indeed. It won't be the first time someone's adapted the novel - Tobe Hooper took a crack at the property back in 1979, and Rob Lowe headline a new miniseries version back in 2004 - but this one will likely benefit from the biggest budget ever afforded to the material. 

Nothing else to report at the moment, but we'll keep you informed as further updates roll in. While you're waiting on those to arrive: where are you at on another 'Salem's Lot adaptation? Into it? Not so much? Think Wan will end up directing this thing, perhaps in the lengthy, already-scheduled break between Aquaman movies? Sound off in the comments below, and stay tuned.