New Trailer For SWAMP THING Doesn’t Tell Ya Much But Looks Pretty Cool, We Guess

DC Universe's latest looks scary and violent, but mostly just kinda hard to see.

While the future of DC Universe's Swamp Thing hangs in the balance (we're still not clear on what went on over there), the show's May 31st arrival is still right on track, which means we're probably gonna start seeing a lot more from this James Wan-produced series over the next few weeks. Today brings us a new trailer, one which tells us very little about Swamp Thing's storyline but...well, you read the headline.

Let's take a look.

My notes are as follows: this show looks dark, in more than one way (that first 28 seconds or so is straight-up hard to see), and it doesn't look like Warner Bros. skimped on the budget. There's some arresting imagery here (the dude in the pig mask; what may or may not be the birth of the Floronic Man), and it's cool to see a superhero show leaning so heavily into a horror aesthetic. Those of us who are subscribed to DC Universe will almost certainly give it a go when it debuts next month, though we may need to dial up the brightness levels on our televisions when we do it. 

What do you folks think? Like what you see here? Think you'll skip it? Do you even have a DC Universe subscription, bro? Sound off in the comments below, and stay tuned for more on Swamp Thing as further updates become available.