The MCU Thus Far

A video tribute to eleven years of Marvel movies.

As you sit through Endgame this weekend, it may hit you how long we’ve been living in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It certainly dawned on me. For no reason at all, it suddenly popped in my head how mesmerized I’d be if I’d seen even a glimpse of this film back when the first Avengers was such a big deal. In addition to that, I found myself pondering the many life changes I’ve endured since first meeting Iron Man in 2008. There will be more Marvel films, but this one really does feel like a conclusion of a remarkable journey we’ve all been a part of.

So now more than ever, it’s a good time to take stock of how far these films have come. Luckily, we have a handy video to help you do just that before seeing how things conclude. Enjoy: