LEGENDS OF TOMORROW 4.13 Review “Egg MacGuffin”

Damnit, Gary!

This post contains spoilers for Legends of Tomorrow.
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Love is in the air in “Egg McGuffin”! Nate and Zari still haven’t admitted their feelings, so Sara makes it her personal mission to get the two of them together. It’s a good thing Captaining the Waverider makes her good at multitasking, because she also has to finish a trashy novel for book club. Oddly enough, there are actually two storylines that focus on romance novels, as the Legends find themselves more split up than usual. Nate, Zari, Sara, and Ava are accounted for, then we have Charlie and Mick raking in the cash for Mick’s novels. Then there’s this whole Neron business. Constantine is off trying to find a cure for Nora, who’s still chilling out in a coma, and Ray’s trying to keep the demon contained. Guess how good he does?

Charlie and Mick have the least bearing to the overall arc, so we’ll kick off with them. When Mick’s offered twenty thousand dollars to reveal himself as the author of his novels, Charlie can’t let him just pass up the dough. So, in an effort to rake in the cash, she offers to stand in. Plenty of hijinks ensue, but the only lasting effect this portion of the story had on me was pushing me firmly out of Team Mona. In the past, I really dug her cutesy, fangirl overzealousness, but this week’s episode pushes her right on over into toxic, and we don’t support that kind of nonsense in this house.

While all of this goes down at the convention, Zari, Nate, and eventually Sara and Ava have to stop some Nazis from getting a dragon egg. The whole adventure is the standard Legends of Tomorrow weirdness, but it’s Indiana Jones and Entrapment flavored, so it’s even better than usual. The good news is that Zari and Nate finally smooch! The bad news is that Zari has to avoid all of Nate’s booboos (furthering the Indy references, still) because NeRay beat the shit out of him.

And then there was Neron. Since Ray didn’t invite him to take over his body, the demon either has to get him to consent to the possession, or to damage the soul so it’s weak enough to take over. There are all sorts of rules that come along with possession, up to and including the fact that Ray cannot outright say that he’s got a demon riding shotgun. This makes Neron’s job of getting Ray to kill someone he loves so his soul is damaged even easier.

No, not you, Gary. It’s never Gary. Poor dude’s always around to help, but loved by no one. Sara’s right, it is always the doormat. Mostly because it should be! After Ray gives in to Neron to stop him from killing Nate, the demon decides he wants Gary on his team, as well. As an offer of good faith, he returns his long lost nipple. Gary’s gone bye-bye!

Constantine might have failed to stop Neron from possessing his friend and manipulating his plant-waterer, but he did pull Nora out of her coma. She’s a bonafide member of the Time Bureau now. Her mission? Get the punk ass demon out of her boyfriend! We’ll see how that unfolds next week after Neron lures the Legends into a trap. You know what to do if you had thoughts on this week’s episode of Legends of Tomorrow!