THE FLASH Review 5.20 “Gone Rogue”

Bad Gal™.

This post contains spoilers for The Flash.
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Tragedy isn’t a competition, and everyone has a right to their emotions, but Nora complaining to Weather Witch that she got abandoned by her family might be one of the most laughable moments this season. She’s had some legit complaints since coming to the present, but “my dad was mean to me because I was working with his arch nemesis” ain’t one of them. All the same, this week’s focus is all on her and the team-up with the baby rogues.

Though she’s trying to play bad girl, Nora gives her team one rule: no killing. The plan is to rob McCulloch Industries of their specialized meta tech, with each device having the potential to snatch millions on the black market. In an effort to prove herself to her new team, and as a means to an end, Nora has Cisco kidnapped so he can hack Spencer Young’s hypno phone. This serves little purpose other than as a lead in to Nora threatening Cisco’s life the same way Thawne offed him all those years ago. Though it’s as laughable as “bad gal” XS, Cisco’s PTSD is enough to get him to do what she wants.

The whole point of “Gone Rogue” is to show that Barry was wrong and that it’s not about trusting Thawne, but trusting his own daughter. The thing is, said daughter has not only been working with a known super villain, but is also willing to just throw around her identity all willy nilly. Weather Witch already knew, but let’s not forget their little bonding moment shortly after. The kid’s just ready to ship off and be besties with a couple of girls she’s known for three seconds (who also happen to be totally cool with murdering folks), and to let them have deeply dangerous weapons as a means to an end. This is the point where mom and dad West-Allen need to be stepping in and saving this girl from herself.

Let’s take a break from the Nora situation and acknowledge Ralph Dibney. “Shecada” is infinitely better than what we’ve been calling her. Besides, dude’s come a long way since we met him last season, and I’ll always be here to watch Caitlin Snow get riled up enough to call anyone an idiot. More teamups between Doofus and the Brain, please!

The episode closes with the West-Allen family all happy and together again. The gun Nora stole is the only thing capable of destroying Shecada’s weapon, giving them a leg-up when it comes time for a showdown. It’s not a moment too soon, either. They find that Grace has stolen the prototypes for the cure. Coupled with the tech she stole from Mama Snow last week; those prototypes can create a bio weapon that will only target Metas. Not great, Bob.

Next week we’ll see Shecada and her visions of good old uncle Orlin work on their Meta genocide. Team Flash will have to pull out all the stops to stand a chance, but Barry accepting the use of Thawne’s plan is a solid step in the right direction. The real question is whether or not The Flash elects to save Reverse Flash next week, or the following. Shout out with your bets below!