Quentin Tarantino Says He’s Cut A Three-Hour-Plus Version Of DJANGO UNCHAINED

That's a whole lotta DJANGO.

Yesterday, our friends over at Slashfilm pulled off one helluva coup: after reporting on the expanded, episodic version of The Hateful Eight which recently showed up on Netflix, the site was contacted by none other than Quentin Tarantino, who apparently wanted to set the record straight regarding this new version of his 2016 film. 

The resulting interview is mandatory reading, and buried within it is an interesting little wrinkle: on top of the newly-expanded version of The Hateful Eight, the director has also apparently produced a newly-expanded version of 2012's Django Unchained, one that's over three hours long:

"I’ve actually cut a director’s cut of Django. That’s about like three hours and 15 minutes, or three hours and 20 minutes, something like that. That’s one I wouldn’t do as a miniseries, because it would just be better [as a movie]. I thought about that idea, but that would just work better as one movie. Just a longer one as far as I was concerned. So I’ve actually done that. We’re just kind of waiting some time after Once Upon A Time in Hollywood, and we’ll release that eventually."

The theatrical cut of Django Unchained was two hours and forty-five minutes in length, which means this new version must contain somewhere between thirty and thirty-five minutes of new material. It's intriguing to note that Tarantino isn't interested releasing this version of the film as a series, but as a film; I suppose the game now is predicting where we might actually see it: home video? Theaters? Netflix?

 It goes without saying that we're very curious to hear more, and will keep you informed as further updates roll in. While we're waiting on those to arrive, do make sure you head over to Slashfilm to read their entire interview with Tarantino, which - in addition to explaining what happened with the "series" version of Hateful Eight and revealing the existence of a three-hour-plus version of Django Unchained - also provides something of an update regarding Tarantino's Star Trek project (hint: that movie may not be as dead as we assumed it was).