Ron Howard Says A WILLOW TV Series Is In The Works

Heads up, WILLOW fans. Today's your lucky day.

For years now, people - not a lot of people, mind you, but some very vocal people - have been clamoring for a sequel to Ron Howard's 1988 fantasy adventure, Willow. Every once in a while, someone involved with the original production might say something suggesting the idea wasn't entirely out of the question, but these suggestions never amount to much. For all intents and purposes, it really appeared as though Willow, as a property, was dead. 

Which brings us to today. As spotted by the folks over at Slashfilm, a new interview with Ron Howard (conducted by MTV's Happy Sad Confused Podcast) reveals not only that Willow isn't dead, but that talks have been taking place behind the scenes over at Disney about how best to resurrect the franchise, and a plan may already be in place. 

Says Howard:

“There are some really serious discussions going on with Jon Kasdan, who was one of the writers of Solo, who kept hounding me about Willow the whole time we were shooting and also hounding Kathy Kennedy. We’re in discussions about developing a Willow television show for the Disney+. And I think it’d be a great way to go. In fact, George always talked about the possibility of a Willow series, and it’d be great and more intimate, and built around that character and some of the others. And Jon Kasdan has, I think, an inspired take on it and it could be really, really cool.”

Yes, go ahead and add "a Willow TV series" ot the laundry list of projects currently being worked on for Disney's forthcoming streaming service, Disney+. From the sound of things, nothing's completely set in stone at the moment (this could very well turn out to be yet another false start for a return to the world of Willow ), but it certainly seems like everyone involved is at least into the idea. 

What's a Willow TV series even look like? Are we talking about bringing Warwick Davis back to play the lead? Are they gonna recast Madmartigan? Would anyone from the original return, or would this be more of a spin-off that namechecks the majority of those characters and happens to take place in the same world? Most importantly, are people still amped up about Willow? Is this something you'd even watch?

Sound off in the comments below, and stay tuned for more on this one as the situation develops.