Riddle Me This: Check Out The Trippy Animated Short ALBATROSS SOUP

This one was a favorite at last year's Fantastic Fest.

Last year was my first Fantastic Fest, and let me tell you, I had an absolute blast. I watched something like twenty-five feature films in the course of about a week, and as much fun as I had, when you consume that much media in such rapid succession, you're bound to only have a few moments of vivid recall when telling folks your favorite moments.

Well, I didn't even plan on watching Albatross Soup - I think it was paired with The Boat if I remember correctly - but let me tell you, folks, this trippy little animated film left a hell of an impression on me. Check it out:

If you're at work or something and want to know whether to bookmark this for later, here's a quick synopsis:

"A man gets off a boat. He walks into a restaurant and orders albatross soup. He takes one sip... pulls out a gun, and shoots himself to death. So...why did he kill himself?"

Over 50 people have been recorded trying to guess this riddle using only “yes” or “no” questions. The film is a visual representation of the riddle unraveling as we hear a rapid fire kaleidoscopic soundscape of questions from each participant. An all knowing God-like voice guides the story by answering “yes” or “no” for each question.

Directed by Hong Kong born, Queens raised, and Brooklyn-based filmmaker Winnie Cheung ALBATROSS SOUP was first inspired by a real-life thought experiment and born into a short film with the help of New York Times audio producer Alexandra Young. “I knew instantly that this stream of consciousness guessing game would be the perfect premise for an animated short.” says Cheung. “Examining different creative approaches has been the driving force behind this project.”

It might be a little bit of a cheat to consider that question a "riddle" when it doesn't lay out all the necessary information for the solution right up front, but it works excellently for the purposes of the communal storytelling that this short brings to life with its superb animation. Seriously, over a half-year after first seeing this, a lot of these images are burnt into my memory.

But what do you all think? Yay? Nay? Hungry? Shout it out in the comments.