Hallelujah: The First RIGHTEOUS GEMSTONES Trailer Has Arrived

Today, we celebrate what the Lord has given us.

We are, as you probably already know, major fans of the work that's been done by Danny McBride, Jody Hill and David Gordon Green over at HBO. Eastbound and Down was one of the funniest things HBO ever aired, and this team's follow-up - the somehow-even-darker, possibly-even-funnier Vice Prinicpals - was hands-down one of the best projects any of these folks have ever been involved in. And so, when HBO announced Righteous Gemstones - a dark new comedy set in the world of televangelism, written and directed by McBride (with Hill and Green onboard as executive producers) - we lost our goddamn minds. What perfectly fitting and fertile ground for these madmen to be playing around in!

Today, we are pleased to share the first trailer for Righteous Gemstones.

It does not disappoint.

Yup, this one's 100% in our wheelhouse, gang. Danny McBride sporting mutton chops? Check. The shady world of televangelism getting dragged to Hell and back? Check. John Goodman slapping Adam Devine? Check. Three private jets named "The Father", "The Son" and "The Holy Spirit"? Check, check, check. All that plus returning Vice Principals cast member Edi Patterson, some of the highest production values we've ever seen this team working with and dick jokes? Oh, yes - we are very excited about all this. 

The Righteous Gemstones hits HBO this August. Praise the Lord.