LEGENDS OF TOMORROW 4.14 Review “Nip/Stuck”

Cognitive recalibration. She hit them really hard in the head.

This post contains spoilers for Legends of Tomorrow.
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“Nip/Stuck” is a heartfelt episode filled with sacrifice and bonding amongst a team that’s currently missing its heart. It also includes several scenes that I will literally never be able to wipe from my mind as long as I live. Legends of Tomorrow contains multitudes that way. Last week we saw Neron take control over Ray. In giving Neron consent, Ray essentially banished himself to hell while the aforementioned demon dances throughout the timeline in his meat suit.

Neron hasn’t gotten as far as he has without a plan. He manages to trap the Legends in the Ice Age on what would eventually become Donner Pass (yes, that Donner). He does this so that he and Constantine will be uninterrupted on their quest to bring Tabitha back from hell. The Time Bureau would throw a wrench into that plan, but the demon’s thought of that, too. Gary and his cursed nipple manage to hypnotize all of the Bureau with the exception of Mona. Neron can’t plan for what he doesn’t know about, and he wasn’t ready for Mona and her wolfy friend to become the threat that they turned out to be.

With the Bureau dealing with their nipple drama, the Legends realize they’re hosed. There’s a brief power struggle between Mick and Sara, followed by a lot of bickering and storming around. There’s also a quickie between Nate and Zari, because why the hell not? Charlie does her best to bring the team back together, but in the end it’s only Ray that’s able to bring these lovable idiots back together. They find his disaster guide, only to realize that they’ve already done everything that he would have in this situation with the exception of one critical thing: coming together as a team.

Ray’s memory is enough for the ship full of misanthropes (not you, Nate) to decide that they’ll put their hope in humanity like their friend would have wanted. Sara turns the ship on, essentially cutting their life support in half, and they make s’mores and play games as they wait. Turns out the heat from the ship is all they ever needed to begin with, and the Legends are able to make a miraculous escape just in time to see Constantine throw himself into hell to go find Ray.

Constantine’s arc is a little wonky this week. All of that culminates in him being the catalyst that allows Tabitha to crawl out of hell at Neron’s behest. The good news is that you’ll recognize her! The fairy godmother is back, and she’s on a mission for a shiny new body. But first she has to make out with Neron. Friendly little reminder that Neron is still in Ray’s body. That takes us to two things that we’ll never be able to un-see in this week’s episode.

Legends of Tomorrow isn’t as far along in its season as its DCTV siblings, so we’ve still got a few episodes before everything wraps up. Next week’s trek includes John’s quest to find Ray in hell while Neron uses Palmer Tech to get people to sign away their souls. Might be time to start reading those Terms and Conditions, folks. You know what to do if you had thoughts on this week’s inner-eye scarring episode!