Say Hello To THE FAREWELL Trailer

The Sundance charmer is coming soon.

One of the films I heard about most while I was at Sundance this year was Lulu Wang’s feel-good tearjerker The Farewell. Starring the incredible Awkwafina, the film focuses on a family who throws a mock wedding to see their dying matriarch one last time. The hitch is that no one can acknowledge her impending death because they’re keeping it secret from her.

And now, instead of hearing other people gush about this thing, you can check out the trailer and see how it looks for yourself:

As I said in my review, The Farewell is a perfectly middle of the road movie pretty much anyone can enjoy. It’s mildly funny, mildly cute and mildly moving, and Awkwafina is great in it. If I had a dying grandmother to entertain, I would definitely take her to see it when the film releases this summer.