Upcoming Horror Film INCIDENT ON 459 Sounds Like EXORCISTS ON A PLANE

We probably should've seen this one coming.

Note: the header photo above is from George Miller's segment of Twilight Zone: The Movie, not Incident on 459, a film which has not actually been made yet and therefore has no available images for us to use on this post. But while we're talking about it, you should totally watch Twilight Zone: The Movie. There's some good stuff in there.

According to Deadline, a new project by the name of Incident on 459 is headed to this year's Cannes marketplace, and if their description of the film is to be taken at face value, we're assuming it'll have no problem being picked up for distribution. I mean, just read the following description - this movie has everything:

"The story centers on the discovery of a demon-possessed passenger on a transatlantic flight from Boston to London, leaving it up to the rest of the passengers to figure out how to survive before crashing, or being blown up by the Air Force.

[Maggie] Grace (Taken, Lost) will play Valerie, a psychologist and single mother with a special needs son, who is on the flight. Her ex-boyfriend is also on the plane, forcing the pair to set their differences aside and figure out how to deal with the demon. Valerie’s values and beliefs are tested to the limit as she must come to terms with the supernatural and that which cannot be explained."

To recap: a passenger on a flight between Boston and London is discovered to be possessed by a demon, and it's up to Maggie Grace and her ex-boyfriend to figure out how to "deal with" said demon before either A) crashing or B) being blown out of the sky by the Air Force. Why is the Air Force trying to shoot down a passenger flight? What role does Grace's son play in all this? Are these passengers really equipped to perform an exorcism, mid-flight, without the proper training from the Vatican? We have no idea, but we cannot wait to find out.

Production on this one gets underway in Kiev this September. Here's hoping someone at Cannes steps up to the plate and does what needs to be done. Stay tuned.