New SPIDER-MAN: FAR FROM HOME Clip Addresses The MCU Multiverse


Yesterday, a brand-new trailer for Spider-Man: Far From Home hit the internet, a trailer which contained a bit of a bombshell: the reveal of an MCU Multiverse, one which had apparently been opened up by the various Infinity Gauntlet Snappings in Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame

Today, a new clip from the film arrived courtesy Ellen, and it goes a little way towards explaining how this Multiverse business works to relative newcomers. Of course, that explanation's arriving via Mysterio himself, and Mysterio is famously not to be trusted, but this is what we have to work with for the time being, so let's hear him out:

So, if Mysterio's to be believed here (note: I can't believe I just typed that), the reality of the MCU is Dimension 616, whereas Mysterio is from Earth 833. The worlds are largely identical and share many constants, but each is unique in its own ways. For instance, maybe the Mysterio from Earth 833 isn't a known liar, and should be trusted by Parker, Fury and friends. Maybe not. 

Yesterday's news was met with no small amount of debate from Marvel fans, with reactions that ran the gamut from "I believe this wholeheartedly" to "Not a word of this Multiverse business is true". We're guessing the truth is somewhere in the middle, with the Multiverse being an actual thing but Mysterio not actually being from another dimension. You are, of course, free to disagree with that prediction, but we're gonna let that bet ride until Spider-Man: Far From Home hits theaters on July 2nd. 

We'll find out who's lying then.