Everyone Calm Down: The Final DARK PHOENIX Poster Is Here

It’s probably much better than the movie will be.

Fox’s final mainline X-Men film just released its final poster, and they’ve definitely put more effort into it than the rest of Dark Phoenix’s marketing. Take a look:

The airbrushed style of it is definitely refreshing, although it makes me wonder why they’re only breaking this out for a film set during the ‘90s, a decade where airbrushed one-sheets ostensibly died out. Imagine if this had been the aesthetic that bridged together all the period-piece X-Men posters? I’m trying not to complain too much because I’m glad they went with it here, but just like a lot of the X-Men film series, the missed opportunities are hard to ignore.

Setting aside the style of the one-sheet, the actual contents of the poster are kind of a mixed bag. Too many floating heads for my liking. This is their final X-Men and they’re not even going to give Magneto his helmet? I guess the iconic look for Sophie Turner’s Dark Phoenix will be a brown jacket? And many will point out the blue and orange contrast is trite, but I don’t know. Maybe there’s a deep, thematic reason to employ those colors. (inb4: there isn’t.)

All in all, it’s still a much better poster than I expected. What do the rest of you think? Does it give you any faith that Fox will end this thing on a high-note?

Dark Phoenix will come out June 7, 2019 (if it isn’t delayed a full-year like a certain X-Men spin-off).