Let’s Go Through That IT: CHAPTER TWO Trailer One Moment At A Time

Awful things are afoot in Derry. Again.

By now, you've surely seen the first trailer for Warner Bros.' It: Chapter Two, the wildly anticipated sequel to (you guessed it) Andy Muschietti's It: Chapter One. The trailer itself is a slightly-tweaked version of the footage we caught at CinemaCon early last month, and it's fairly stacked with blink-and-you'll-miss-'em moments that might've escaped your attention on first viewing. 

And you know what that means: it's time for a trailer breakdown.

So, the trailer opens with...a shot of the Marsh residence's front door. We're in present day, and a now-adult Beverly Marsh (Jessica Chastain) has come to see what's become of her father. 

Beverly's awful dad has long-since expired, apparently, but the kindly Mrs. Kersh welcomes here into the apartment, anyway. Come in, have a look around, get the bejeezus scared out of you! 

While Mrs. Kersh puts a kettle of tea on the stove, Beverly enters her old bedroom, removes a baseboard, and finds...

...the poem Ben Hanscom wrote for her in It: Chapter One.

While Beverly's reliving the good ol' days, Mrs. Kersh makes an appearance in a distant doorway. She's moving...well, not like an old lady. Uh-oh.

Beverly returns to the living room for tea, and notices half a dozen insects on a nearby window. That number's not insignificant.

Mrs. Kersh bemoans the weather in Derry, saying the heat makes one feel as though they "could just about die." To this she adds: "Well, you know what they say about Derry - no one who dies here ever really dies." Having said this, Mrs. Kersh seems to go on the fritz, freezing up and staring Beverly down.

This goes on for a hot minute.

It's around this point that Beverly realizes she's in the middle of something Very Bad. It's also around this point that kindly old Mrs. Kersh opens her blouse, revealing what appears to be rotting flesh. 

Before Beverly can say anything else, Mrs. Kersh excuses herself to the kitchen (for cookies), while Beverly approaches a framed photograph on the wall. Look closely and you'll see Mrs. Kersh's head peeking out from around the corner. By now, both the audience and Beverly should have figured out that Mrs. Kersh is Pennywise in disguise.

Just in case that isn't painfully obvious, the camera cuts to the framed photo on the wall. Mrs. Kersh, speaking from offscreen, tells Beverly that's her father came to the country decades prior with just $14 in his pocket. And then what? Well, then he joined the circus. But wait a tick...

That's no everyday circus performer! That's Pennywise (I mean his name's right there on the covered wagon)!

Beverly, now in full Holy Shit Mode, turns around, just as "Mrs. Kersh" launches her attack. There is something profoundly disturbing about the idea of being attacked by a fully nude senior citizen, and Muschietti mines that harsh truth for all its worth here. This moment is freaky as hell.

The remainder of the trailer is mostly a sizzle reel, showing us the now-fully-grown Losers' Club reassembled in Derry and ready to kick Pennywise's ass once again. 

A shot of them walking through a desolate street reveals the theater from It: Chapter One, where the marquee now reads "THANKS FOR THE MEMORIES DERRY". It would appear the town of Derry has seen better days, which is a curious development given that Pennywise hasn't been up to his old tricks in 27 years.

Here we find the Losers' Club assembling in Jade of The Orient, one of Derry's premiere Chinese food establishments. Those of you who've read the Stephen King novel (or seen the 1990 It miniseries) know our friends are in for a most unpleasant surprise at the end of this meal. 

Meanwhile, here's James McAvoy's "Stuttering" Bill having a vision of his dearly-departed brother, Georgie, in a storm drain. Always such a bummer when you run into the ghost of your dead brother, who was eaten by an extra-dimensional demon clown, while you're out running errands. Just the worst.

Here's a shot of Mike Hanlon leading the Losers' Club into Derry's sewer system. What're they going in there for?

Well, it appears they're looking for Pennywise's old lair, which - much like the streets of Derry above - has fallen into a state of disrepair. This is what happens when you go into forced hibernation for nearly three decades. 

Fans of the King novel know there's a wild scene between Richie Tozier  and Derry's weird-ass Paul Bunyan statue. We knew that statue would factor into It: Chapter Two somehow, given that it was introduced in It: Chapter One, and here we see Pennywise leaping over it, a gigantic bundle of balloons in one hand. 

Now this...this is maybe the most intriguing part of the trailer. What we're seeing here is Mike Hanlon on the banks of the river that flows through Derry, looking up as a swarm of balloons float out from under a nearby bridge. This moment comes from the opening act of King's original novel, and deals with a Derry local, Adrian Mellon, who falls victim to a hate crime, thus revealing that Pennywise is back in action. This opening was changed for the ABC miniseries, but we learned Muschietti and company would be including it last July (read more about it here).

Here's a quick shot of Pennywise getting the drop on someone. Appears to be Mike, again.

Here's a quick shot of Pennywise removing some sort of disguise, quite literally pulling off his face. Yikes.

We also learn that It: Chapter Two will include a few scenes set at a local carnival. Here we've got an establishing shot of the carnival at night (perhaps this is from the build-up to Mellon's death?), alongside a daytime shot of Bill chasing someone - or something - through the crowd. 

Another very intriguing shot: the Losers' Club united, presumably in Pennywise's new lair, and possibly while performing the "ritual of Chud" from the King novel. In both the miniseries and the book, this all builds to a moment where the Losers' Club are forced to take on Pennywise in what's essentially his actual form, which is basically a giant-ass spider. 

Earlier this year, Jessica Chastain mentioned that It: Chapter Two would contain "the bloodiest scene of all time", and we're assuming that's what we're seeing here.

And, finally, we get a shot of a little girl stumbling upon Pennywise in the dark. It is scary.

Catch anything we missed? Got any predictions as to what we will or won't see in It: Chapter Two? Sound off in the comments below, and stay tuned for much, much more on Andy Muschietti's It: Chapter Two as we draw ever closer to the film's September 6th arrival in theaters.