FANGORIA Bonus Pages Are Coming

The FANGORIA/BIRTH.MOVIES.DEATH. crossover event you've been waiting for.

Guys, editing a magazine is hard! Daunting deadlines, corralling dozens of writers, begging studios to please just get on board with MY VISION. It’s a lot.

But I can’t lie: I’ve been having the time of my life. My gig at FANGORIA has been filled with creative and logistical challenges, but even more filled with amazing experiences, great new connections and friendships, and no shortage of fantastic memories. If it ended tomorrow, it will have been a hell of a year that’s changed my life for the better.  

And while editing articles written by Jordan Peele and Paul Thomas Anderson has been as rad as you’d expect, I miss BMD! Scott and Evan and I have been in regular touch over DMs ever since I left last year, and we’ve always wanted to figure out a way to do some kind of fun crossover between This Place and Fango. And today we’re excited to tell you what that is.  

One of the things I’ve loved best about editing FANGORIA is curating an absolute wealth of content for each issue, always trying to find the right balance of material to fill our 100 pages. That means casting a wide net, and a combination of not wanting to turn down a great pitch and being notoriously bad at math has led to me having a surplus of articles at the end of each quarter. These are articles I personally curated, said yes to, paid money for, but for one reason or another - cut for space, tripped up by an embargo date - they didn’t make it into the magazine. After every issue goes to print, we’ve got some great content that needs a home.

BMD’s Fango Bonus Pages is going to be that home.

Here’s the dream: one week per quarter, BMD will run five of these articles - great deep dives, interviews, or features on new releases that didn’t make it to print. But we want to preserve the authentic Fango experience, so these pages will be presented in an embedded PDF reader, allowing us to stick to our “no HTML” policy (kinda? Hey, it’s our magazine, we get to make the rules) and letting you literally page through these articles just as you would if they were in the mag. Our writers get the audience they deserve, you get some great content, and we get to show the pages of Fango to an audience that might not yet be part of our readership.

If you haven’t subscribed yet, we hope that what you see next week will move you to join us on our quarterly printed ride. (And you’ll have until June 7th to sign up in time for FANGORIA #4 - it’s our 40th-anniversary issue, and you’re going to love it; go ahead and use promo code FANGORIABMD to get 10% off your subscription)

It all starts Monday; I hope you guys will check it out. I’m excited to share these pieces with the BMD crowd, and it means a lot to me to be able to bring this material to my old home.