FANGO BONUS PAGES: The Pre-History Of Electronic Horror Music

Of Theremins and Novachords.

If you’re going to talk film about scores, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better individual to talk about them with than writer Charlie Brigden. Charlie’s been covering film scores for as long as I’ve been poking around the internet about movies, and it was a conversation with him (about *that sound* from The Texas Chain Saw Massacre) that initially got this ball rolling. We eventually pivoted to John Carpenter and how electronic scores have been around for a lot longer than Carpenter’s been sitting at his synthesizer, and how those scores, sounds, and cues were almost always in service of horror.

Having an authority like Charlie in Fango was, to me, a no-brainer, and this article was slated for FANGORIA #1. Sadly, even at 116 pages, we ran out of room for all the content I wanted to include, but this article is too good to remain unread. So get to reading! - Phil Nobile Jr.



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(Note: header image by Dave From England, used with permission via Wikipedia)