LEGENDS OF TOMORROW 4.15 Review “Terms of Service”

Gary, you dick!

This post contains spoilers for Legends of Tomorrow.
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Here we are, Legends. Just one more episode left this season! “Terms of Service” had its heart in the right place, but was a little less than what I’d expect from Legends of Tomorrow this late in the season. While that seems to be in perfect Legends fashion, Neron just isn’t that scary after Nora and Constantine almost offed him a couple of episodes ago. Their penultimate episode might not have wowed me, but there’s still plenty of laughs to be had.

Listen up, boys and girls. The moral of this week’s story is that you really shouldn’t bully people, okay? Gary Greene’s a complicated fellow in that you want to root for him, but you also sometimes want to wring his bony neck. This week’s episode falls in the latter category. Having enough of the Legends’ mistreatment, Gary uses Tabitha’s powers to get them to play with him. It’s agony for both the team and the viewer. We do get Mick threatening him a couple of times though!

While Gary’s torturing his friends (who, again, kind of have it coming), the remaining Legends are dealing with the important matter of trying to stop Neron. Nora’s focus is trying to save Mona while Charlie and Zari make an unexpected pit stop at Zari’s childhood home before heading to the Time Bureau to release the magical creatures from captivity. This little side quest serves as a reminder of the horrors Zari’s family will face in the not-so-distant future, and to show her accidentally leaving the dragon egg in the hands of her twelve-year-old self.

There’s also the side-bit where Constantine’s running around hell to try and drag Ray’s soul back to the surface. Initially I was intrigued by the idea, but John’s subplot vexes me this week. The decision to leave behind Ray to save Astra’s soul instead isn’t surprising. That part’s pretty on brand for the warlock. It’s the getting bested by the Devil that makes the scene more annoying than intriguing. Dude just marches into Satan’s chambers with nothing more to barter with than “I’ll help you stop Neron.” Ok, Johnny boy.

While John being tricked so easily feels pretty eye-roll worthy, Tabitha’s betrayal of Nora is another story. John Constantine is a seasoned warlock who’s literally been to hell and back. Nora Darhk is still relatively naïve and learning how this whole “not a demon vessel” situation works. Either way, the long and short of it is that Nora’s now cursed with the whole fairy godmother situation, ugly dress and all. Lucky for Constantine, a newly amicable Gary wishes her to go to hell and bring both him and Ray back to Earth. He does all of this without realizing that it’s no longer Tabitha, of course.

This week’s shining star is reluctant hero Charlie. Reluctant heroes are often the best parts of Legends of Tomorrow and, while the shapeshifter has learned to care about her team, she’s still not really on board with that whole dying situation. After she and Zari discover that Neron’s harvesting souls with the terms of conditions in his Eyes App, the two hatch a plan to rescue the creatures. Charlie ends up getting all of them to safety, but she’s forced to stay behind to face a relatively cranky demon.

Tabitha stops Neron from murdering Charlie, now shifting him from mastermind to the muscle. She realizes that they might have lost all of their creatures, but now they have one who can be whatever they tell it to be. Next week we’ll see the two of them unleash a monster attack on DC to get more folks downloading the app. Oh, and it looks like the Supergirl, Flash, and Arrow will all be dropping by?

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