Will Smith Sings “Prince Ali” In A New Clip From ALADDIN

Well, it's...I mean...

This morning, our friends over at IGN unveiled a brand-new clip from Guy Ritchie's Aladdin, the latest in a long line of live-action Disney remakes. The clip features Genie (Will Smith) singing Aladdin's iconic "Prince Ali" tune, and...well, just take a look and see what you think: 

Folks on social media are having a field day with this clip (someone wrote an entire goddamn post explaining why it's not good), but I again find myself in the unexciting position of thinking this clip looks "just okay". I have no strong opinions to share with you, no harsh critiques or strong defenses for anything we're seeing here. To my eyes, this looks precisely like a live-action Aladdin movie directed by Guy Ritchie and starring Will Smith. I am unmoved by the entire thing, but then, this is a movie for parents to take their kids to. I spent my morning reading up on a movie called Bed of The Dead; clearly the live-action Aladdin was not made with me in mind.

But, hey, I'm just one dude, and far be it from me to tell anyone how they should feel about all this. Go ahead and let us know where you stand in the comments below, and stay tuned for more on Guy Ritchie's Aladdin as we draw ever closer to its arrival in theaters on May 24th.