DC Universe’s Protector of the Green returns to live-action.

One of the biggest challenges of FANGORIA’s quarterly schedule is covering new releases in a timely manner. We’ve got a complex logic we adhere to until we don’t feel like it, but there’s a tiiiiny little window between issues where it makes no sense to cover a new project in the issue preceding that time period, nor in the issue scheduled to land on the other side of that moment.

Check your calendar. See today’s date? Welcome to that window.

DC Universe’s Swamp Thing is something Fango is mad excited about, but running coverage of the new series in FANGORIA #3 wasn’t possible, and running it in issue #4 (July) wouldn’t have helped anyone. But that’s not your problem! In fact, our scheduling conundrum is your good fortune, because Fango (and BMD!) contributor Todd Gilchrist has absolutely crushed this old-school FANGORIA new release feature on the show (seriously, I got those ‘80s Fango vibes reading this piece), and art director Ashley Detmering has served his words well with her magicks. I think you’ll agree on both counts.

Swamp Thing premieres on DC Universe’s streaming service on May 31st. I’m in. - Phil Nobile Jr.



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