FANGO BONUS PAGES: Inside the SABRINA Writers’ Room

A former Fango contributor returns to our pages to talk about working on Netflix’s witchy opus.

Something that I love about FANGORIA is how, over the years, it became an incubator for many of the voices who are responsible for a lot of the horror we enjoy today. Ryan Turek is now a big shot at Blumhouse; Sam Zimmerman is curating the hell out of Shudder. Anthony Ferrante made six Sharknado movies!

And Axelle Carolyn, who I first read in Fango doing a set visit for Alexandre Aja’s The Hills Have Eyes, is now a successful filmmaker and writer, and last year she was tapped to join the writer’s room of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina by showrunner Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa. Meredith Borders and I tried to get Fango on that set but, as we soon learned, the Sabrina team was too busy cranking out two seasons of stylish, witchy goodness to gladhand some horror journos. But it all worked out, as Axelle was kind enough to give us a first-person glimpse of what it was like to craft that first season, and I’m pleased to share her account with you here at BMD.  - Phil Nobile Jr.   



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