Hulu’s Developing A Series Based On Stephen King’s EYES OF THE DRAGON

This one's long overdue.

Very exciting news today: according to Deadline, Hulu is now developing a series based on Stephen King's Eyes of The Dragon, the 1984 fantasy/horror novel that served as a gateway drug for an entire generation of King fans. Seth Grahame-Smith (who produced both chapters of Andy Muschietti's IT adaptation) will write the pilot episode of the series in addition to serving as showrunner. 

For those unfamiliar with the source material, The Eyes of The Dragon is a dark fantasy adventure revolving around two young brothers, one of whom gets framed for the murder of their father. It's a noteworthy killing, as the brothers are princes and their father a king, but the murder itself is actually an elaborate rouse carried out by the king's trusted magician...Flagg.

Yes, that's right: The Eyes of The Dragon is another of King's Flagg stories, and finds him scheming up a storm in order to keep one brother (the good one) imprisoned while the other brother (the bad one) sits on the throne. Along the way, there's magic and a giant tower and a doll house which turns out to have a much greater purpose than the one it was intended for. It's a helluva read.

Will The Eyes of The Dragon work as a series? Yeah, probably. This is basically a YA Game of Thrones, with gritty fantasy stuff butting up against bitter political intrigue, and the goings-on in the kingdom of Delain (where Eyes of The Dragon is set) are most compelling. Over the years, others have taken a stab at adapting this novel for the screen (this isn't the first time it's been developed as a series), but with Smith leading the charge I imagine there's little chance it won't get over the starting line. 

We're excited, in other words, and eager to learn more. Stay tuned for further Eyes of The Dragon updates as they roll in, and do go back and read the novel if you haven't already. It's one of King's best.