Marilyn Manson Just Joined The Cast Of HBO’s THE NEW POPE

"We're all stars now / in the POPE show."

Please stand by for an important announcement from HBO's Twitter feed

Yes, that's right: Marilyn Manson is joining the cast of Pablo Sorrentino’s The New Pope, which is basically the second season of The Young Pope, the 2016 HBO series that launched a thousand "This Pope fucks" memes. He'll be joining a cast that already includes Jude Law and John Malkovich, as well as Sharon Stone, who was also announced as joining the series today.

Shooting on The New Pope has apparently already wrapped. At the time of this writing, we aren't sure who Manson might be playing on the series or how extensive his role will be, but "guest star" would seem to indicate that this is probably more of a limited role than anything else, maybe even just a cameo. 

In any event, we're chalking this down as yet another reason to tune into The New Pope when it debuts on HBO later this year. Love him or hate him, there's something truly fascinating about seeing Marilyn Manson - who, in his later years, is substantially less sinister than he once seemed - facing off onscreen against trained actors. I mean, did you see that serial killer movie he did? Shit's weird as hell.

Stay tuned for more on The New Pope as further updates become available, and please spend the interim admitting to which Marilyn Manson album you like the best in the comments below. There is a correct answer.

(Note: header photo by Patrick Whitaker, used with permission via Flickr