New HIS DARK MATERIALS Teaser Features Intriguing Monkey-On-Ferret Action

"There are some things you're better off not understanding."

I'm gonna say this up front: I have no idea what His Dark Materials is about. Based on the title alone, I assume it refers to the Satanic Bible. Or to a gallery of cursed images. Or maybe it's about a fashion designer and his preferred fabric – a midnight blue chiffon, perhaps. I will say this, though: Speaking as someone who never read the books on which the new HBO series is based – and who never saw The Golden Compass – I am really into the bits of footage we've seen so far, which is probably good news for the people at HBO. Even better news: I really dislike Tom Hooper's filmmaking style, and he directed the first two episodes of this series. So the fact that I, a non-fan of the books and non-fan of Tom Hooper, want to see this show is proof that someone is doing their job correctly. At the very least, His Dark Materials makes for good teasers:  

And what is a teaser, really, than a visual checklist of things that may be of interest to the viewer (in this case, me)? The items in question, in no particular order: Lin-Manuel Miranda, Ruth Wilson, that X-23 girl from Logan (Dafne Keen), a polar bear, James McAvoy sounding quite British, stolen children, airships, and a monkey fighting a ferret – which, honestly, might be the big sell for me here. 

HBO is airing the series, based on Philip Pullman's fantasy epic, in partnership with BBC. The first season consists of eight episodes and will premiere sometime later this year.