Robert Pattinson Is Old News: Now This New BatMovie Even Has Villains

Get ready for another Penguin and Catwoman adventure.

Last night, while Scott and I were being nestled within the warm bosom of a John Wick trilogy marathon, some serious shit went down off-screen as it became pretty much (but not quite!) a done deal that Good Time’s Robert Pattinson would be playing the next Batman. What the heck, I hope he does. He’s a cool actor. Seems youngish, but let’s give the youngsters a chance at angst for once in their lives.

While everyone was flipping their lids over this, no one thought to ask who Pattman would be fighting in his adventure to be directed by Matt Reeves. According to Collider, now we know.

Apparently the next Batman film will see the Caped Crusader go up against Catwoman and the Penguin. If one of you motherfuckers makes a Josh Gad as Penguin joke, I swear to God…

Maybe it’s true! Maybe it’s not true! Maybe it’s half true and you can choose which half. The source is good, so we’re going with it for now.

It does seem weird, though, to make a grand Batman return with the exact rogue gallery of a previous film. And not for nothing, but The Penguin is a villain that doesn’t do a whole lot for me, even when played by my main man himself, Danny DeVito.

No one has been cast yet for two reasons. One, they’re waiting until Pattinson is a lock. And two, this might not be true. I’m just having the hardest time with it, speaking personally.

Of course, we’ll let you know more as we figure it all out.