JOHN WICK 4 Gets A 2021 Release Date

The war you prepared for is definitely on its way.

You all saw John Wick: Chapter 3, right? You had your minds and socks blown off by what’s quickly becoming the greatest action series of all time (at this point, I think I may even prefer it to my beloved Bourne trilogy)?

Good, because as promised, more is on the way. I just received a text message from the John Wick text messaging thing I signed up for telling me I can expect a new John Wick film May 21, 2021.

Two more years, one more Wick. More animals. More villains who are basically kind of cool folks who admire the dude they aim to kill. Another gag where Wick has to pause a kill to reload his gun… all the hits are likely to return. I don’t know how they’ll top the one that just came out, but I didn’t know how they’d top Chapter 2 either, and in many respects, they did.

So there you go. Let’s end this Monday on some good news. If you need to dig a little deeper, perhaps this means more of the Tick Tock Man. We didn't get enough of him.