Everything’s Different In The First WESTWORLD Season 3 Trailer

Oh, WESTWORLD, you are incorrigible.

The twists and turns of the Game of Thrones finale weren't the only tricks HBO had up its sleeve last night: the network also surprised audiences with the first-ever trailer for Westworld's third season (which doesn't arrive until next year), which reveal itself to be a Westworld S3 trailer until its final moments.

Gotta admit: despite knowing since last September that Breaking Bad's Aaron Paul was joining Westworld, this one still managed to get us. Check it out.

If we're to take this trailer at face value, it appears that at least part of Westworld S3 will deal with Paul's character out in the "real" world. According to his voiceover narration, everything sure seems fine in the future...but Paul's character seems unable to shake the feeling that something rotten's going on just below the surface of that gleaming, streamlined world. At the end of the clip, Paul's character runs into a character who'll be very familiar to anyone who's been following Westworld up to this point, and one can't help but wonder what this might mean for the rest of the upcoming season. Indeed, one cannot help but wonder if any of this is "real", period. You know how Westworld does.

Nothing further to report at this time, but obviously we're very intrigued, eager to learn more and will keep you updated on the Westworld front as further updates roll in. In the meantime: did this one catch you off-guard last night? Excited to see Aaron Paul joining this series? Got any predictions for where Westworld might be taking us next year? Sound off below, and stay tuned.