Marvel’s FALCON & WINTER SOLDIER Will Have Some Familiar Faces

Zemo and Sharon Carter will make their return.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Daniel Bruhl and Emily VanCamp are stepping back onto the Marvel train for Disney+’s Falcon & Winter Soldier. It’s a safe assumption that Bruhl and VanCamp will be reprising their roles as Helmut Zemo and Sharon Carter respectively, but how cool would it be if they weren’t? What if Bruhl’s coming back to play King Cobra or something?

Bruhl’s Helmut Zemo has so far only appeared in Captain America: Civil War, where he successfully broke up the Avengers. Obviously that means he bears some responsibility for the billions of lives and property that were lost when the Avengers couldn’t mobilize and prevent The Snap, and I wonder if Falcon & Winter Soldier will address this. An even bigger question I have is: will they make Bruhl wear a purple balaclava this time?

VanCamp’s Sharon Carter first appeared in Captain America: The Winter Soldier and we haven’t seen her since Civil War, where she shared a passionate kiss with her great-uncle Steve. Maybe the show will address this, or maybe some poor writer will have to handwave it away at a press junket. Either way, it’s pretty funny.

Falcon & Winter Soldier is set to go live on the Disney+ streaming service. Like the rest of the Disney+ Marvel shows, it doesn’t have an official release date. But it does have half of Captain America’s supporting cast (so far). Do you think they’ll get Chris Evans to bite for an Old Steve cameo? Chime in below.