More Dudes Join Christopher Nolan’s TENET

Oh, yeah. The movie is called TENET now.

It hasn’t been THAT long since Dunkirk came out, but nevertheless it does seem like a while since we all had a new Christopher Nolan movie to argue about. Luckily, his latest is moving right along.

According to Variety, the film just got two new high-profile actors. Kenneth Branagh (yay!) and Aaron Taylor-Johnson (oh) will join a cast that already includes Elizabeth Debicki in surely a huge, dignified role, John David Washington and Robert Batmanson.

I haven’t actually loved a Nolan movie in a while, but that doesn’t mean I don’t love Nolan. This new one sounds particularly up my alley as it’s going to be a big spy film shot all over the damn world. It would appear Variety has quietly also revealed the film’s title: Tenet. Yes it’s a palindrome. Nolan got to Nolan.

While Aaron Taylor-Johnson isn’t someone I tend to love in movies, he also doesn’t ruin them for me. And I’m basically always down for Branagh action. So I’m chalking this news up as: exciting. Tenet should hit theaters July 17, 2020.